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The ground war lasted four days and resulted in 147 battlefield deaths, but almost 199,000 of the 698,000 people who were deployed have since qualified for some degree of service-related disability. Of those, 13,317 people are disabled by "undiagnosed conditions"; Medically Unexplained Symptoms; Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) or Unexplained Symptoms

Monday, May 30, 2011

Remember this Memorial Day

The U.S 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stated in a 2-1 ruling that the delays are so “egregious” that they “violate a veterans constitutional rights.”

...There is little doubt that the approximately 6500 suicides a year must be addressed with urgency and budget allocations. Yet I do not see that it is the sole job of the VA to ameliorate a seeming intractable problem that is owned by the entire war making machine.

The data is showing that an average of 18 returning Armed Service members commit suicide each day. Most folks cannot even allow this to seep into their own activities of daily living, let alone a national psyche.

Environmental and battlfield exposures are what some of us suffer now 20 some odd years out. It is physical ailments,(undiagnosed chronic sympthoms) which have been denied by VA doctors and adjuticators which have broke the sprit of
some Desert Storm Era veterans. We are warriors and will continue to fight for diagnosis other than PTSD that we deserve said Jagmedic.

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