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The ground war lasted four days and resulted in 147 battlefield deaths, but almost 199,000 of the 698,000 people who were deployed have since qualified for some degree of service-related disability. Of those, 13,317 people are disabled by "undiagnosed conditions"; Medically Unexplained Symptoms; Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) or Unexplained Symptoms

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monitoring of Gulf War Illness Visits

PL 102-585 was created to monitor Gulf War Veterans
health. This lead to the Persian Gulf Registry.

By 1998 the program was to be expanded under
PL 105-368 to become larger, with a national study
center. To include annual reports to Congress.

Second, the issue of the Persian Gulf Registry in relation
to continuing programs. ( Gulf War Registry )

I've discussed with you the issue of access to the Gulf
War Registry, and its decline. That the decline is due
to lack of access by VAMC attrition of its EA coordinators,
once called Persian Gulf Coordinators. That the program
has been made impotent by a lack of cooperation nation
wide from the VAMC's, which has drastically reduced
enrollment though Gulf War veterans still come into the
VAMC's in ever increasing numbers.

Many Primary care clinics of VAMC's are NOT telling veterans
that this program still exists.

Therefore the Department of Veterans Affairs can deny
the problems of these veterans, when the statistics
are not Centrally collected for Congress or
Veteran's Service Organizations to see in any reports.


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