Post deployment illness Gulf War

The ground war lasted four days and resulted in 147 battlefield deaths, but almost 199,000 of the 698,000 people who were deployed have since qualified for some degree of service-related disability. Of those, 13,317 people are disabled by "undiagnosed conditions"; Medically Unexplained Symptoms; Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) or Unexplained Symptoms

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gulf War syndrome – has it gone away?

Misdiagnosis costs veterans benefits
More skimping on healthcare costs

Why does it appear VA/DOD is want only denying Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans their right to healthcare benefits, claiming they have a disorder that would have originally disqualified them entry into the Army under Department of Defense standards.

The Army is misdiagnosing those with PTSD. Combat veterans are being diagnosed erroneously with personality disorder—denying them benefits because PD is classified as a pre-existing condition. In the last six years, the Army has discharged 22,500 people diagnosed with personality disorder.

Chronic Multisympthoms Ilnesses which have occured after open wounds during deployment are not being counted in most reports. The infections, inflamation process and disorders which occures many months and years after the orginal injury are being overlooked. They are being concidered by VA and DoD as Non-serviced Connected until the individual vet Appeals several times before benefits are final granted.

Why is Congressional Oversite and VA-Environment Agents Office not accuntable for failing our disabled veteran today?



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