Post deployment illness Gulf War

The ground war lasted four days and resulted in 147 battlefield deaths, but almost 199,000 of the 698,000 people who were deployed have since qualified for some degree of service-related disability. Of those, 13,317 people are disabled by "undiagnosed conditions"; Medically Unexplained Symptoms; Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) or Unexplained Symptoms

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Waiting for VA Secertary to Repond

The promised overhaul of the process for deciding on
disability pay has been postponed,
Only ONE recommandation from Gulf War Advisory Committes
was acted on/implimented by the following Dept VA seceratries...
ed derwinski
anthony principi
jesse brown
hershel gober
togo west
jim nicholson
gordon mansfield
james peake
eric shinseki

The VA employees have posmised to repond to the recommendations
of the VA-Research Adviory Committee and
VA-Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans.
I wrote to each of Secertaries to get the beneifits
I earned from my honorable service to this country.
You deserve this too.


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